Learn the Truth About What Men Secretly Want

Most top relationship experts will rightly tell you that there are stark differences between what men think about women’s needs in a relationship and vice versa. The not-so-surprising truth is that what the opposite sex thinks of the other’s needs is far from what that sex really wants.

Women tend to think that men want the similar things from a relationship as they do, but this can’t be further from the truth. Men’s needs are totally different and often misunderstood or totally not understood by women. Thus, understanding what men want and expect from a relationship is one of the keys to a successful and fulfilling relationship.

How To Understand Men

what men secretly wantRelationship expert James Bauer claims that there are certain things that men want from women but cannot openly reveal them. In his relationship guide What Men Secretly Want, James Bauer reveals what he claims to be men’s secrets wants and desires that they cannot reveal.

In the guide, James Bauer first reminds you that men are human beings, first and foremost, and therefore they have wants and needs just as women do. What’s more, men’s wants and needs are not so complicated to understand, according to James.

The only way to understand men is by learning what they want. Here’s what men want from women:

Self assuredness – Men are attracted to women who are self-confident. Every man wants a woman to choose him because she wants him not because she’s desperate emotionally or materially.

Ownership – Men love women who are courageous and emotionally mature. Many women don’t want to own up their part of the relationship and this is a big turn off for men. If you want to be desired by your man, you need to learn how to develop personally and take responsibility for your own emotions.

Fidelity – This is pretty obvious because no man wants a woman who is not committed to them. Most women thin k that all a man wants from them is sex, but this is far from reality. Granted, men are more into sex than women but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want a committed woman at home.

Men want to be loved – Yes, like women, men too want to feel loved but this is obviously a secrete that everyman would rather keep to himself. It’s a known fact that women want to feel loved and wanted but this is true of men as well. So make your man feel wanted and he’ll be yours for keeps.

Men want women who are upfront – Many relationships cripple due to manipulation and mind games, a favorite weapon for many women. Men abhor mind games and manipulation. They don’t want to be interpreting signals and reading body language all the time. A woman who is upfront with her wants is a huge attraction to man so strive to be straight with what you want from a man.

These are just the highlights of what men want or expect from women but cannot say. If you purchase John Bauer’s guide, you will learn more tips and tricks of attracting and keeping good men.

Can You Trust The Venus Factor To Lose Fat

Many women are conscious about their size and shape. Every so often, a woman can have sleepless nights worried about losing fat and how she is perceived by other people. Moreover, many diet programs out on the market focus on burning excess body fat without really minding the overall shape.

Not so with the Venus Factor program, a fitness program designed for women only and whose primary focus is to help you achieve that distinctive feminine shape. Granted, the program offers techniques for losing fat, but its main focus is on how to achieve that enviable feminine figure that most women dream about.

What Is The Program All About?

venus factorUnlike many fitness programs on the market, this one is a whole body transformation manual that you can use to achieve the hourglass shape. Every technique provided in the manual is suited to a woman’s body but that’s not to say that this is ground breaking science.

The techniques used are well known in the fitness world but the author organized them into a well structured manual for easy access and use.

The program is premised on an individual’s Venus Index, the measure of various ratios related to a woman’s height, hips, and waist. Users work towards achieving their ideal Venus Index based on their height-to-waist ratio (HWR), waist-to-hip ratio (WHR), and waist-to-shoulder ratio (WSR). HWR is considered the most important but all others are equally crucial.

The manual comprises various components:

The Main Manual – This is where you find all the info about the Venus Index ratio and how to determine yours. Your ratio determines whether you will need to lose or add weight in order to achieve your ideal shape.

The 12-Week Fat Loss System – This component contains details of how to achieve your weight loss goal after determining the ratio. There’s nothing fancy here: this program doesn’t tell you to slash your diet. Rather it shows you how to find the perfect eating formula for your body. In order to achieve the desired shape you want, your daily caloric consumption must be proportionate with your HWR.

This section also discusses the important hormone Leptin.

The Workout Manual – This is a critical component of the program because this is where the actual body sculpting techniques are provided. The training period is 12 weeks and it is expected that within this time, you will have achieved the changes. There are three 4-week phases where you vary your workouts.

All the workouts are clearly explained using pictures, videos, and illustrations to ensure that you follow along correctly.


Many women now use this system as their number one fitness manual. Not only does it show you how to lose excess fat but also how to gain a feminine body. Its focus on body shape makes it particularly ideal for women’s needs regarding weight and looks. Another added advantage with Venus Factor is that you get to interact with a community of more than 1000 users with whom you share goals and aspirations, a handy source of support and motivation.

What Is The Ultimate Herpes Protocol About

Do you want to learn how to get rid of herpes naturally? Herpes is one of those STI’s that are associated with high stigma. It is causes by the herpes simplex virus and manifests as rashes or blisters around the affected area, usually the genitals or the mouth. In the medicinal world, there is no known cure for herpes. Typically, once you acquire the virus, it stays in your blood forever and you will get outbreaks from time to time.

When you have the simplex virus in your blood, an outbreak can manifest anytime without prior symptoms. It is during the time of an outbreak that you are most contagious to other people.

Herpes is a very prevalent infection that currently affects more than 60% of the world’s adult population, according to research.

Unpleasant Symptoms

ultimate herpes protocolTypical symptoms of herpes include blisters, itching, burning, pain, bumps around the genitals or mouth, and swollen glands, fever, muscle ache, and sores, among others. Doubtless these are very unpleasant symptoms that you need to get rid of as soon as possible.

If you have this virus, it isn’t the end of your world. There are remedies you can use to get rid of it. Available medical treatments for herpes can clear these symptoms but cannot eliminate the virus from the body.

However, there are claims that natural solutions can eliminate the virus from the body. In particular, the Ultimate Herpes Protocol system is claimed to be able to eliminate the herpes virus completely from the body.

According to official claims, this isn’t a mere treatment solution that you use one-off; instead, it is a complete health system that shows you how to manage herpes so that the virus is gradually eliminated from your body forever.

The way this system works is that it offers a number of techniques to boost your immunity so that your body can fight off the infection on its own. The system is easy to follow and man users refer to it as a life changing system.

You will also find nutritional tips for eliminating toxins in the body. Most importantly, the system shows you how diet and lifestyle changes can have a significant impact on your immune system.

There is a section that offers a natural treatment solution that helps to destroy the protective protein around the virus. Apparently this is how the virus is eliminated from the body

Who Should Use This System?

Evidently, this system is designed for people who are already infected with the herpes simplex virus. However, there are health tips that are beneficial to every individual regardless of their status. Moreover, since herpes is very prevalent, it makes sense to equip yourself with natural treatment tips even if you think you don’t have the virus.

If you have herpes and don’t want to deal with pills and creams anymore, this solution is worth checking out. It is written by Melanie Addington based on her own experience with herpes.

Effective Weight Loss with Turbulence Training

turbulence trainingThe hardest thing about weight loss is actually losing even one pound. The current crops of human beings live very luxurious lifestyles, which compromise on the quality of life. Instead of taking the stairs, someone would rather wait for the lifts to take them to the first or second floor of a building. This has resulted to enormous weight gains in people, hence the search for quick weight loss techniques. Some crafty people have seen this as an opportunity for making money, promising people miraculous ways of losing weight. The question remains, how many of those ways actually work in making you lose even a pound.

One of the world leading advisors and writers of Men Health has created an effective weight loss plan that actually works. For proper weight loss to occur, an individual must know how to balance between the different parameters of weight loss. In his eBook – Turbulence Training – Craig Ballantyne explains on how effective weight loss can be achieved by combined the various ways. Per week, a person is required to set aside 90 minutes of training spread through three sessions. Each session last not more than thirty minutes, and within eight weeks you should have the body you always desired.

Still, he explains on the importance of water and proper dieting in achieving the best of results. Just because you hit the gym and work out every day, it does not mean that you will lose weight. This method of weight loss does not need any sophisticated and expensive gym equipment. All you need is just 90 minutes in a week, a small workout space and less than $50 in acquiring the eBook. The best part is that, if you do not like the new you in eight weeks, there is a guaranteed money back policy.

Important Points About Text The Romance Back

Is it really possible to breathe life back into a faltering relationship using text messaging? That’s exactly what Michael Fiore asserts in his new guide. Michael takes you on an enchanting journey of love and shows you how to reignite that spark that got you together with your lover in the early days of your relationship. All this happens through the use of brief text messages that are not only fun to send but effective too.

Michael makes the whole process fun so you will never get bored at any stage. In the end, Michael’s techniques will help you restore passion, romance, and intimacy back into your relationship.

Details On How To Use The Guide

text the romance backText The Romance Back is available as a digital product delivered in PDF format. It comprises 146 pages and the author calls it the 30-Day Digital Relationship Reformer.

Ideally, the ideas and techniques in the guide are supposed to restore the passion and romance into your relationship within 30 days, but you must also be realistic with your situation. Sometimes 30 days may not be enough, so that doesn’t mean the guide will not work.

In order to make the most out of this guide, you should follow Michael’s texting instructions and learn from the hundreds of real-life text samples he provides. Each text sample applies to a unique scenario and you are not supposed to duplicate it. The sample texts are meant to be just that – samples.

Why Texting?

It’s no secret that the vast majority of mobile device owners spend most of their time texting and chatting. Needless to say, texting has become hip and cool in the world of smartphones. Relationship experts like Michael Fiore have also discovered that texting can be a powerful way to communicate love. It minimizes the chances of saying regrettable things because it allows you to self-edit your texts before sending them.

Time and again, Michael has proved that texting is the best way to restore a relationship that’s on the brink of breaking apart. No matter how bad the situation may seem and no matter how long you’ve been together, Michael’s techniques are sure to work for you.

Inside The Guide

Michael went to great lengths to ensure that the guide is as easy to use as possible. The guide is divided into three core sections;

The first section discusses the primers that need to be in place before you start texting.

The second section is the gist of the guide. It contains the details of the 30-day plan. It is here that you learn the complete strategy for restoring romance into your relationship.

The final part contains variations of the Text The Romance Back guide where Michael shows you how to apply the techniques in specific situations such as long distance relationships.


If you’re in a long-term relationship such as marriage or engagement, chances are you could use a little spark to restore the fizzle in your relationship. It’s natural for attraction to wane with time, but it’s not okay to not do anything about it.

Achieve A Lighter Complexion With Skin Whitening Forever

With countless skin whitening products being introduced on the market every month, it seems that skin whitening is the in-thing nowadays. Indeed a lot of women would try anything to whiten their skin because it boosts self-esteem for some while for others, it increases men’s attraction for them. Whatever your reasons for whitening your skin, it is beyond doubt that natural products give the best and most enduring results.

If you’ve been searching for a sure way to make your skin whiter naturally, Skin Whitening Forever is what you’ve been praying for. The product is a creation of Eden Diaz, a professional dermatologist who specializes in alternative medicine. Eden’s skin whitening system was developed after a long period of research. On this basis, there’s no doubt that it works perfect and has no dangerous side effects on your skin.

Practical Solution

skin whitening foreverEden’s skin whitening system offers practical tips that not only lighten your complexion but also improve the health of your skin as a whole. All tips are based on natural techniques made with simple homemade ingredients that are easy to get.

Eden teaches you how to make a concoction that penetrates deep into the layers of your skin to stimulate a healing effect that clears spots, fades dark patches, and lightens the outer layer to give you a bright and silky smooth skin. The concoction is so powerful that it they promote blood circulation in skin pores and directly affect melanin, the pigment that gives your skin the dark complexion.

With continuous application of the concoction, melanin production slows down to give your skin a noticeably lighter tone. In the process, all other skin imperfections are cleared too including spots, freckles, pigmentation, dark underarms, melasma, and acne scars, among other things.

According to Eden Diaz, there are six main skin types that you must know so that you can identify your type before starting with the whitening process. Some skin types have more melanin than others. Those with less melanin content find it easier to achieve a lighter complexion. The whole focus of this system is to minimize the amount of melanin in your skin.

Using this concoction is 100% safe. It doesn’t use chemicals whatsoever and What’s more, you can do it all in the comfort of your home – it’s a home-based solution after all.

When you purchase this solution, you receive a package containing several complimentary products for improving your skin complexion. The main product is the eBook guide that contains the key info and the step-by-step process of making the concoction that lightens the skin.

Specific Benefits

  • It is natural – chemical free – and therefore safe.
  • It is very affordable. Compared to typical alternative skin whitening procedures such as laser treatments, this solution feels like a steal.
  • It offers tips for improving the overall health of your skin and not just making it whiter.
  • It’s easy to use and is used in the comfort of your home.

Facts About Old School New Body Program

If you are conscious about your health, chances are you have told yourself many times that you’re going to take action and do something for the better. You’ve probably tried to lose excess fat through exercise and diet but gave up along the way. So how are you supposed to achieve fitness and real weight loss results that endure?

This scenario is common among people aged 35 and above because the body tends to store more fat as you approach 40 and above. For this reason, you need a fitness program that is especially tailored to cater to an aging body.

A Fitness Program For Middle Aged People

old school new bodyIf you are 35 and above and want to shed excess weight, keep fit and fight off disease naturally, you need a fitness program that addresses the intricate aspects of your body. Old School New Body is the best fitness program designed specifically for people above 35 years of age. This program is designed to make you look younger and fitter than 40 in just three months.

The program is a product of Steve Holman and his wife Becky. The fitness enthusiasts have developed the concepts of the program over a period of more than 15 years through their own struggles with weight as well as through research.

Unlike many so-called fitness programs out there, this is not a mere a fat loss program. Instead, it is a lifestyle program that transforms your mindset to live healthier. The program also focuses on anti-aging techniques that make you look younger than your age. The program’s main goal is to target your mindset so that you are properly motivated to stick through with the program up to the end.

Created in 2012, the program is available as a downloadable eBook, which means that it is instantly available. There’s no need to wait days for a hard copy version. All the workouts and diet plans are based on proven scientific facts and for this reason, they will remain relevant for a long time. The program really keeps things simple as it only focuses on the top 20% factors that you must concentrate on, which ultimately determine 80% of all excess fat loss.

Details of How It Works

Steve and Becky Holman’s fitness program provides details of powerful fitness techniques divided into stages, each with a well-defined milestone.

At the core of this program is a workout formula known as the FX4 system that comprises of three stages with specific milestones.

The first is the FX4 Lean stage that is compulsory for every user. The expected milestone of this stage is excess fat loss and it is especially ideal for anyone who has never exercised before or those returning from a lengthy hiatus.

The second stage is the FX4 Shape stage and its main goal is to sculpt your body into an attractive physique after shedding the excess fat in the first stage.

The final stage is the FX4 Build stage and it is optional. It is designed for those who want to build lean muscle, like bodybuilders.

After going through the content of this program, there is only one conclusion to make: this is the ultimate fitness program for old people.

What Is Metabolic Cooking All About

A healthy diet starts with healthy cooking. If you want to lose weight, you need to start by incorporating healthy recipes that cut calories while boosting flavor. Healthy eating is usually associated with bland meals but this isn’t and shouldn’t be the case. Moreover, you can prepare tasty healthy meals using basic cooking techniques.

That’s what the Metabolic Cooking guide teaches you. Designed by Karine Losier and Dave Ruel, the guide provides a huge collection of fat burning recipes contained within 9 cookbooks.

There are more than 250 tasty recipes to choose from, arguably the biggest number of healthy recipes you will find in any cookbook. The recipes are intended to accelerate a thermogenic effect (fat loss effect) in your body so the guide is perfect for people who want to shed excess fat.

Why Cooking Matters For Weight Loss

metabolic cookingDave and Karine’s guide follows a simple philosophy: a successful weight loss mission is largely determined by your dietary effort, which accounts for 80% of your success. Spending hours in the gym will amount to nothing if your diet is not right. You need to find a proper dietary setup that fosters fat burning.

This one of a kind cookbook makes healthy eating tasty. The reason many people give up on their diets before they realize any significant results is because the diet is too poorly laid out to be worth completing. Basically most diets force users to abide by strict rules that go against human nature.

For instance, many ‘fad’ diets have guidelines that require you to completely cut out certain foods from your diet or severely restrict intake of some foods. However, this is a clear case of little or no understanding of human nature. The human body is largely a self-reliant survival machine. If you cut out certain foods, your body may adjust up to a certain limit and then start craving seriously. When you eat the same food again, you’ll basically start bingeing.

Dave and Karine’s guide is designed precisely to prevent scenarios of bingeing while showing you how to optimize fat loss through your diet. In addition to the various tasty recipes in the Metabolic Cooking guide, you also get to learn how to save time on food preparation and how to save money when shopping groceries.

The guide offers countless other tips aimed at making healthy eating fun starting from the kitchen. Note that this guide isn’t a workout manual and doesn’t contain a single workout. It simply focuses on the nutrition bit of losing fat and getting in shape.

One of the best things about this guide is that it helps you avid metabolic adaptation where the body automatically adjusts and adapts to your nutritional changes.

True to their claims, the authors Dave Ruel and Karine Losier are living examples of what you can achieve using their cooking techniques. They both have lean, nicely toned bodies and it’s really easy to believe their claims.

The guide is sold with a 100% money back guarantee for 60 days, so there’s absolutely no risk for you to try it out within that period.

Proven Techniques To Make Women Want You

The game of attraction is doubtless a complicated phenomenon. While both men and women love to play the game, the biggest burden lays on men to make the moves that lead to attraction and more. But experts in the game tell us that attraction doesn’t have to be hard once you’ve mastered killer ways to attract women.

With the release of Jason Capital’s attraction guide called Make Women Want You, every straight man out there can now learn killer ways to attract women. In fact, according to Jason Capital, every straight man has the natural desire to attract gorgeous women, so you cannot resist it even if you wanted to.

Jason Capital’s guide makes it easier for you to get any woman you want effortlessly. It shows you how to avoid the dreaded friend zone and become that man that she cannot live without.

What Techniques Do You Learn?

make women want youAs mentioned earlier, Jason offers killer techniques that attract women in droves. At the core of the system is the 3-step formula that builds intense attraction in a woman. First, Jason teaches you some ‘quick win’ tips that you can use to see immediate improvement in your dating life. These are pretty basic but nonetheless very important techniques that make you stand out from the crowd instantly.

For instance, there is a technique that shows you how to act like a real man when you’re around women. Most men instead do the opposite by doing everything in their power to be ‘nice’ to women. Being overly nice to a woman kills your masculine edge and, therefore, reduces your attraction and sexual appeal.

Jason says that it is absolutely fine to share commonalities with a woman and talking to them nicely, but never lose that masculine edge if you ever want to attract a woman.

There are a bunch of conversational techniques you’ll learn too. Reserve the nasty talk for later times. Jason’s tips in Make Women Want You particularly help you to avoid looking like a jerk. Keep in mind that conversational skills are utterly important if you want to take things a notch up, may be to a relationship level.

One of the most powerful techniques you’ll learn from Jason’s system is how to use body language around women. Non-verbal attraction is extremely powerful and sexual, and men who know how to use it properly get all the gorgeous girls.

Along with body language, you’ll also find that mind hacking techniques are equally as powerful. Mind hacking techniques usually cut to the chase so that you can quickly establish your intentions. Some women love this and if your aim is to attract women for short-term fun, mind techniques are the best to use. But most men find that they need to take the relationship a level higher and so they have to master the foundational techniques first.

Overall, Jason Capital’s system is unrivalled when it comes to learning the tricks and techniques of attracting women. Regardless of your status, Jason’s techniques will transform you into the alpha male that women crave to be with.

How Magnetic Messaging Works

Imagine you meet a gorgeous lady, chat all night and make her laugh, then at the end of the night you go home with her number. You send her a text message and never get a response. You start wondering what it is you did wrong. The truth is that you slipped up somewhere with your message.

After the first date, most men become too predictable to keep things exciting. In most circumstances, the girl will simply vanish. Thankfully, attraction gurus have learnt the various reasons why women vanish after the initial meeting and they’ve devised ways to pull them in.

Make Your Thumbs Do Magic

magnetic messagingMore than anything else, the magic of attraction is in your words. These words can be made even more powerful if you use text messaging.

According to Bobby Rio, using the right words at the right time can increase a woman’s interest in you. Bobby Rio is the author of the Magnetic Messaging self-help guide. Together with another relationship guru Rob Judge, Bobby Rio created a guide that offers attraction tips for men using basic phone texting.

Bobby shows you how to attract a woman using what he called the Phone Game. This attraction technique is divided into three phases: the initial meeting, the phone game, and then the date. While the fist part is relatively easy for most men, the second stage is where most of them go wrong.

Bobby and his co-author carefully take you through the phone game using real-life analogies. You will appreciate the level of attention they dedicate to intricate details. Throughout the process, Bobby urges you not to take charge of your desires and not to let them ruin your flow.

The phone game focuses on sparking emotions in the object of your desire. You will learn solid flirting techniques that will turn you into a magnet for women.

As you delve deeper into the guide, you’ll be introduced to the Key Lock Sequence technique that shows you how to secure a date with just 3 text messages.

In addition to showing you what you should do to get a girl attracted to you, Bobby also shows you the turn-offs you should avoid. If you don’t master the messaging techniques, you could easily become a mere texting buddy.

When all is said and done, you can still find it difficult to attract a girl regardless of how good you text. These are what the author calls low interest girls.

When approaching such girls, you need to take a slightly different approach to the usual one as Bobby clearly demonstrates in the guide.

One of the best things in this guide is the use of case studies to drive the point home. Bobby uses a series of case studies to explain his points and it turns out that they’re very effective.

In all, Bobby Rio’s self-help guide is a rare relationship guide that shows you how to attract a woman and maintain the spark using text messaging techniques. It’s risky free as it comes with a money back guarantee, so you can try it out without reservations.

Is Grow Taller 4 Idiots For Real

For people who are naturally at a disadvantage when it comes to height, growing taller is a dream come true. But what are the chances that it will happen?

According to Darwin Smith, author of Grow Taller 4 Idiots, you can gain between 2 and 4 inches in just 8 weeks. Darwin shares what he calls a secret combination of methods that can work for anyone irrespective of their age, background, or current height. Doubtless this is a big claim that calls for careful scrutiny of his guide but according to reviews and user testimonials, the guide largely lives up to the claims of the author.

How Does Height Enhancement Work?

grow taller 4 idiotsDarwin Smith apparently uses natural techniques to enhance height. He uses a result-oriented technique that maximizes productivity while minimizing effort. This means that you don’t have to put in a lot of physical effort so long as you follow the principles as they should be applied.

Height enhancement is achieved by stimulating the human growth hormone (HGH), which is responsible for growth in the human body. HGH is what makes you increase in size and height during your formative years. It’s also responsible for bone growth and strength, so it’s easy to see why Darwin’s height enhancement formula is built around the HGH.

The method Darwin uses entails taking a concoction of select ingredients that are carefully designed to stimulate this hormone. Each of the ingredients in this concoction has a direct effect on HGH. Collectively, the concoction triggers the release of HGH in high amounts and this activation results into growth of bones, thus height increase.

In theory, this process is scientifically sound. HGH’s purpose in the body is to stimulate growth and that is consistent with the theory of Darwin’s guide.

How To Use The Concoction

You need to follow certain procedures in order to correctly use the height enhancing concoction and achieve the desired results. According to Darwin Smith, these procedures were developed after lengthy tests along with validation of the height gain results.

The program has to be used for at least eight weeks before results can be expected. However, this is only in ideal conditions and is in no way the standard although many users start to see results within the recommended minimum usage time.

Darwin’s system has achieved immense success since its launch onto the market. Thousands of users have purchased and used this system to increase their height and, according to Darwin, the system has achieved a success rate of more than 90%. Much of that success has been a result of user referrals rather than aggressive publicity campaigns.


The author claims that the Grow Taller 4 Idiots system will work for you if you follow the procedures correctly. He guarantees effective height gain within 60 days of usage or else all your money is refunded. This is an assurance that cannot be taken lightly and it shows that you don’t lose whatsoever when you try out the system.

How Does Fat Loss Factor Work

Losing fat is not supposed to be complicated – burn more calories than you consume. But why is it so hard for many people? The answer is simple – it takes patience and commitment to shake off excess fat. Most people want to lose fat and stay in shape. Most people make a decision to change their lifestyles for the better and start doing things that improve their health. However, once the initial steam burns out, they lose patience and commitment. Eventually, they give up.

This way, you can never achieve your weight loss goals. That’s why you need help from professionals to guide you about how to stay the course.

The Fat Loss Factor program is your virtual professional coach that helps you lose excess fat for good. Created by Dr. Charles Livingston, a veteran of the fitness industry, this program shows you how to burn excess fat without sacrificing the foods that you love most.

What’s Included In The Program?

fat loss factorFirst off, Dr. Livingston’s program is available commercially as a downloadable PDF product, along with complimentary software, video illustrations, email coaching, and other guides that augment the info in the main guide.

The program provides a solid foundation in the form of theoretical principles on which the fat loss techniques are based. If you want a little background in fat loss, you can read up on this detailed theory and suck in all the knowledge for your own good. However, a lot of people simply want to get right to business and start shedding fat right away. If you fall in this latter category, then you should simply skip to the video guides that show you exactly what to do.

The video series also include liver and body cleansing illustrations where you watch the author and his team in the kitchen doing the cleanse series.

There’s a fast food software component (FooJoo) that’s essentially a search engine that lets you easily search through a database of healthy fast foods in the rare cases that you will want to go for fast food.

Finally, there’s the email coaching component through which you can ask about anything that you didn’t understand in the main guide or something that wasn’t covered. Most people are hesitant about using email coaching because of shyness but it’s a great add on that allows you a one-on-one with the team behind the program.

The entire package is so huge that the price feels like a cheat. It shows that a lot of effort and research went into creating it, which is a good thing.

The core of the Fat Loss Factor program is based on three basic principles – preparing for success; out with the old and in with the new; and lifestyle un-diet. The author builds on these principles to create a complete weight loss solution.


Dr. Livingston’s weight loss program is one of the better ones on the market. It is very comprehensive and takes you step-by-step through everything you need to do to lose excess fat. It’s pretty easy to see why it works.

Survival For the Fittest With Family Survival System

Do you want to learn the best survival tips for any situation in life? There’s no doubt everyone could use a survival tip or two. Given the unpredictable times we live today, making it through in life happily is a matter of survival for the fittest. Even if you think you’ve got it all figured out, there might come something that totally surprises you and changes your whole life.

That is exactly what Frank Mitchell predicts in the Family Survival System, a program that provides survival tips and tricks for so-called looming financial catastrophe. Frank Mitchell predicts that there’s a looming financial crisis that’s going to have devastating effects on many American families.

Whether or not this prediction will come to pass is a matter that we can all just wait on, but reading through the guide, you get to understand where Frank’s reasoning comes from and why his tips matter.

The Contents Of Frank’s Guide

family survival systemThe guide contains a number of sections, each providing a set of typical issues that families deal with on a daily basis. Each section also contains action points that you must apply in order to overcome those issues. In addition, each section contains a checklist designed to ensure that you complete each and every action point in that particular section.

The truth is that some things in the guide seem a little farfetched and to the average Joe, the guide may seem like a mere doomsday prophecy that will eventually come to pass without much happening. But Frank Mitchell has lived through most of the things he talks about in the book. As an ex-military service man, Frank Mitchell has seen it all: he has lived in some of the hardest conditions in faraway places where survival is absolutely for those who are prepared.

It is through these conditions that Frank learnt how to endure through hardship. He mastered the art of prepping through real-world hardships and decided that you too should learn these prepping tips to survive through difficult times.

This guide is based on the idea that you should always be prepared for the worst. Frank believes that a comfort zone is just an illusion.

The most appealing thing about becoming a prepper is that you don’t need loads of cash to start. Frank shows you how to take things in small incremental steps. For instance, there is a section about stocking up on food where Frank recommends that a family spends just a small fraction of their income every week to stock up on up to 3 months supply of food.

Is The System Foolproof?

Frank makes a strong case of why you should learn to prepare for disaster. However, the question is, does Frank Mitchell’s system make you immune to disasters?

The truth is that no one can claim to be 100% immune to a catastrophe when it comes, but when you master Frank’s prepping tips, you greatly improve your chances of surviving the worst catastrophes. So it’s generally a win-win for users of this guide.

How To Boost Your Bust Naturally

Breast enhancement is now a craze all over the world. Thousands of women are seeking various ways to enhance their bust so as to look attractive but is it worth the fuss?

Fact is that physical looks are a big deal for women, which explains why breast enhancement surgery is a much sought after procedure. It’s also true that many women are beginning to wake up to the deadly effects of such procedures on their health so there’s been more interest in natural breast enhancement solutions.

Boost Your Bust by Jenny Bolton is the most popular natural breast enhancement program on the market. The author claims that you can grow your breasts from A to B size in just 4 weeks, but this is not the standard for every user.

How Natural Breast Enlargement Occurs

boost your bustThe manual provides a step-by-step formula for enlarging your breasts. The formula comprises simple breast massages that you perform regularly, in addition to a natural concoction that you smear topically.

In all, the manual comprises seven sections – chapters – that take you right from the basics of breast anatomy up to the maintenance stage.

In the first chapter, Jenny talks about breast anatomy and how enlargement occurs. She discusses the role of estrogen and the human growth hormone.

In chapter 2, Jenny continues to build on the info provided in the previous chapter. In particular, she discusses in detail all the hormones that work with estrogen to give your breasts the full blown rounded curves.

In chapter 3, Jenny offers a short-term solution for making your breasts appear bigger than they really are. Basically, here you learn how to use clothing to make your breasts look bigger.

Chapter four is when the actual groundwork starts. This is a critical chapter where you learn about the different herbs that you will be using in the subsequent chapters.

In the next chapter, Jenny offers a personal breast enhancement routine that works around your breast type and body. Jenny takes you step-by-step through the entire process that helped her grow big rounded breasts in just 9 months.

In chapter six, you will learn tips that will ensure that the enlargement is permanent. This is one of the biggest benefits of this manual as you can hardly find such tips in other guides.

In the final chapter, Jenny shows you how to enhance your results using diet. She offers a list of foods that you should make staple in your diet if you want your breasts to grow.

There are up to 4 bonus guides you can get   when you purchase the Boost Your Bust system but depending on when you purchase it, sometimes there are only three bonus guides including a yoga basics guide, stretch mark prevention guide, and another guide for proper hair care, among others.

This guide sells for less than $50 and Jenny offers a cool 60-day money back guarantee on your purchase. If you’re in doubt, you can take advantage of this generosity and try out the program for 60 days but chances are you will not reclaim your money.

The Truth About Adonis Golden Ratio

It is common knowledge that staying fit improves your overall health and reduces your chances of getting disease. However, working for fitness has the added benefit of giving you a good physique. Indeed, some fitness programs are now specifically designed for purposes of achieving an attractive physique.

Case in point is the Adonis Golden Ratio (AGR) program by John Barban that we’re reviewing in this post. This isn’t your typical fat loss program that you’ve seen on the Internet. Rather, it is a whole body transformation program that focuses on physique. The fat loss comes as an added basic and as a pre-requisite requirement for the ultimate desired goal.

How The Body Transformation Program Works

adonis golden ratioCreated by John Barban and endorsed by Kyle Leon, a leading authority on fitness and body transformation exercises, this program offers a series o carefully selected workouts that will give you a stunningly attractive male physique akin to that of Adonis, a Greek mythical god of beauty. And of course, it is created exclusively for men.

At the start, the program introduces you to a rigorous (but manageable) workout regimen, with concepts specific to the AGR, a set of ratios and measurements determined using mathematical rules. These ratios form the premise of the ideal male physique that you will be training for.

In addition, John narrates a brief account of his personal journey in the notoriously con fusing world of fitness and what inspired him to pursue physique training as opposed to mere weight loss. As John narrates, he discovered how powerful a social tool physique can be. He also learnt that a lot of people want to achieve an attractive physique but lack the know-how and the right resources. This is what inspired him to create this program.

The next section is about Adonis measurements and the level of detail offered here is pretty amazing. Be warned though; there’s a lot of mathematical stuff here but it’s too basic to make you fret. In fact, you will marvel at the level of clarity the author provides. It’s also here that you learn how to calculate your Adonis Index so that you know how to set your training goals to achieve your AGR.

The last section of the program discusses how to practically apply the Adonis concept. You will learn how to train specific body parts in adherence to your Adonis index. There’s also an interesting discussion about the Halo Effect – the bias for or against an individual’s attractiveness. This part also includes an overview of the Adonis Golden Ratio flowchart which serves as a blueprint for your 12-week Adonis workout.

The new version of the program also contains a diet component (which was sold as a separate complementary program in the older version). It explains all the basic nutrition principles that you must follow in order to achieve your ADR and therefore a perfect masculine physique.

That’s basically an overview about John Barban’s program. If you’re more interested in achieving an attractive masculine physique, this is your ultimate manual.