Taking a pause

All good things must come to an end

For 6 years, beginning at Bunker Hill Community College, PodCamp Boston has provided a welcome wagon into the world of new media for thousands of people. While the overall PodCamp movement continues to grow, the idea of new media being important to folks in and around the Boston area has become the institution.

So, with gratitude and nostalgia, Chris, Chel, and I think it’s time for PodCamp Boston to take a well-earned break. Boston’s new media scene is one of the most robust in the world, and so the opportunities for folks new to new media to learn, share, and grow their skills are nearly endless.

What about PodCamp?

Stay tuned for a big announcement on a major East Coast event. There are also PodCamps happening around the world, which you can check out at PodCamp.org.

What about new media in Boston?

There are a huge number of organizations that are worthy successors and exemplify the spirit of PodCamp Boston - the idea of the welcome wagon for new media. Chief among them is Steve Garfield’s Boston Media Makers. BMM meets the first Sunday of every month, and it’s one of the best groups to align with if you want to see what’s new and interesting in new media.


What if [person/organization] wants to run PodCamp Boston?

While we appreciate the sentiment, we would ask that you not use that name or imply that your new media event be associated with or a successor to PodCamp Boston. Let the lady go rest and have a margarita or two wherever it is that events take a vacation.

And please join us for Podcamp East!

Thank you.

While we gear up for a new experiment and experience in Podcamp East, we’re letting Podcamp Boston take a break and breathe a little.

We know you will miss this old standby Boston event.  We’re sure with all the wonderful events that happen in the area you’ll find great knowledge everywhere. If you’re looking for a great place to find some of them, check out Joselin Maine‘s Tweetup Boston which has a calendar of great events.  Follow some of the great Boston people like Steve Garfield and Jeff Cutler, both of whom mention a wide variety of events often.  You can also find knowledge happening at Social Media Club Boston, they also have a calendar for Boston events as well.

Podcamp East is a combination of efforts between Podcamp Boston, Podcamp Philly and Podcamp New Hampshire.  This year’s event is happening in Wilmington, Delaware.  Why? Because it has a growing state of entrepreneurs, not to mention some brilliant companies jumping on board to sponsor.  I know you’re probably surprised at the location.  I know that I was, but I’m positive now that it’s an event not to miss.

For more details and to register, visit PodcampEast.com.

We’re happy to say that she will visit Boston at some point.  We’re also happy to note that Boston may come back next year, right now it’s too early to tell.

In closing, I want to say thank you.

Thank you to each and every attendee who makes Podcamp Boston what it is.  Whether you traveled here or come from somewhere in the city, we appreciate your time and effort making this event amazing and helpful to our community.

Thank you to our sponsors over the last 6 years.  Thank you for supporting what we do for our community, without you we wouldn’t have helped hundreds of people learn more about the world of podcasting and social. (If you’d like to sponsor Podcamp East you can get in touch with either myself or Whitney Hoffman at podcampeast [at] gmail [dot] com.)

Personally, thank you to the organizers.  All of you.  For lending a hand when I needed assistance and making things run smoothly each event.  I’m grateful for all of you.  Especially and always, Steve Sherlock.

And to leave you with some memories from PCB:

10 Notes for #PCB6

  1. YOU are the most important sponsor of Podcamp Boston 6. Because of you we’ll be making another donation to the Greater Boston Food Bank’s Kids Cafe.
  2. Arrive about 8:10ish. Registration will not be open earlier than 8 definitely to anyone that is not an organizer. We know you’re excited, we are too, and we’ll open the doors as soon as we’re ready!
  3. Breakfast will be served. Small one, but breakfast. Thanks goes to Area Four!
  4. We have your schedule printed on the inside of your badges. No need to print it.  The schedule is subject to change!
  5. You will have 2 hours for lunch. Why? We like letting you take your time rather than rushing back. Search here for places to go: http://g.co/maps/ru4h6
  6. The handouts will be available for download to everyone, just as soon as Google Docs starts letting me save them again (it may be tomorrow morning at this rate).
  7. We usually do a guide, but with me getting sick early this week things got pushed around. Thankfully the directions are here on the website. http://g.co/maps/4gu3f
  8. There IS parking. It’s below the NERD center.
  9. Have questions I haven’t covered? Email us or @ me as chelpixie or podcampboston and we’ll get you an answer ASAP.
  10. HAVE FUN.

Podcamp Boston 6 Schedule

We have a go on the schedule!  Curious what sessions are on the docket this year?  Want to attend but haven’t registered yet because you’re eager to see the content first?

There’s definitely some content for everyone.

The guide is yet to come, but it’s on it’s way as well.  I know people are eager for the schedule so we’re releasing that first.  Stay tuned for day of reminders, etc.

More importantly, I’ll post the link to download the file PDFs that you can print prior to the event to write your takeaways on or simply reference on your digital device.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at chel.pixie [at] gmail [dot] com as we seem to be having a few issues with the PCB Gmail account that I cannot pinpoint in time for the event.

Click here for the Google Docs version of the schedule.

Podcamp Boston 6 Schedule On the Way!

Just a quick update that we’re wrapping up the schedule now and should be publishing it in the next 2 days after we’ve finalized and sent it to the printers.  As such, speaking registration is now CLOSED.  If you want to lead a breakout session on either day, we will have two or three smaller rooms to accommodate these type of group conversations.  Don’t be shy, let us know about it and we’ll let others know about it!

Speakers: You should be receiving the schedule soon, please check the dates/times to see when you’re up to bat.

We will be having a PodCamp 101 discussion session on Sunday morning (tentative and subject to a time change) for those of you new to the world of podcasting, social media and more.  This will be another chance to ask more 101 / beginner type questions of attendees.  If you would like to contribute by sharing your knowledge with beginners, please let us know immediately!

Saturday Networking Event: After PCB6 ends on Saturday we will all be gathering in the Commons for a meetup.  Talk about what you’ve learned, ask questions, meet the people you didn’t get a chance to say hi to.  This is your chance.  We’re working on refreshment details.

Podcamp Boston 6 Hotel Group Rate

We’ve finally got news on the hotel front. We were able to secure a group rate for the Cambridge Marriott in Boston, which is right around the
corner from MS NERD. If you need a room, book it before September 9th. We have a limited number reserved under this rate and
after the 9th you will NOT be able to get this rate. Period. So if you think you may want one, now’s the time. :)

Podcamp Boston 6 – Boston Marriott Cambridge

Please note that when you click the link all fields are filled in for you, including the discount code.

We’re almost finished with the details for breakfast, things are moving along smoothly. If you’ve submitted a session, all sessions are accepted.
We do not have an approval process so submit away and I’ll let you know where it is on the schedule when we map it out.

As always let me know if you have any questions and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Podcamp Boston 6 Tickets Now Available

Greetings Podcampers!

We’ve put the tickets up for sale for PCB6 just a few moments ago.  Tickets this year are only $30!

We’ll have more info on hotels, schedule, sponsors and other bits and bobs later but for now tickets!



Podcamp Boston 6 is being held at our sponsored facility Mircosoft N.E.R.D. which is located in Cambridge, MA on September 24 and 25th.

If you wish to sponsor this year’s events we’ll be doing very specific type sponsorships for things like food, name badges, and other goodies.  All net proceeds will be donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank Kid’s Cafe program again this year.