Sponsor level names?

There are a lot of conferences out there which use various metals for sponsor levels:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

There are some conferences out there that use industry-related terms:

  • FIOS
  • DSL
  • DialUp

What names would be appropriate for PodCamp levels of sponsorship? If silly, would they be respected by a sponsor’s peers? If traditional, would they resonate with PodCamp attendees?

5 thoughts on “Sponsor level names?

  1. I’ve always thought the industry ones were cute and fun, but I remember being asked by someone new to this world what some of the terms meant at an event last year.

    I’m with Bill and C. C., metals work.

  2. As someone who has sponsored many events and even hosts a couple of our own, I can tell you the names don’t matter.

    What matters is that it is clear what you get for each level and why spending more money offers more value to the sponsor. In my experience, sponsors look at the exposure they’ll receive. Each level should offer increasing amounts of valued exposure. (Exposure that doesn’t result in awareness or leads is not going to be valued.)

    Hope that helps,


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