10 Notes for #PCB6

  1. YOU are the most important sponsor of Podcamp Boston 6. Because of you we’ll be making another donation to the Greater Boston Food Bank’s Kids Cafe.
  2. Arrive about 8:10ish. Registration will not be open earlier than 8 definitely to anyone that is not an organizer. We know you’re excited, we are too, and we’ll open the doors as soon as we’re ready!
  3. Breakfast will be served. Small one, but breakfast. Thanks goes to Area Four!
  4. We have your schedule printed on the inside of your badges. No need to print it.  The schedule is subject to change!
  5. You will have 2 hours for lunch. Why? We like letting you take your time rather than rushing back. Search here for places to go: http://g.co/maps/ru4h6
  6. The handouts will be available for download to everyone, just as soon as Google Docs starts letting me save them again (it may be tomorrow morning at this rate).
  7. We usually do a guide, but with me getting sick early this week things got pushed around. Thankfully the directions are here on the website. http://g.co/maps/4gu3f
  8. There IS parking. It’s below the NERD center.
  9. Have questions I haven’t covered? Email us or @ me as chelpixie or podcampboston and we’ll get you an answer ASAP.
  10. HAVE FUN.

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