Podcamp Boston 6 Schedule

We have a go on the schedule!  Curious what sessions are on the docket this year?  Want to attend but haven’t registered yet because you’re eager to see the content first?

There’s definitely some content for everyone.

The guide is yet to come, but it’s on it’s way as well.  I know people are eager for the schedule so we’re releasing that first.  Stay tuned for day of reminders, etc.

More importantly, I’ll post the link to download the file PDFs that you can print prior to the event to write your takeaways on or simply reference on your digital device.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at chel.pixie [at] gmail [dot] com as we seem to be having a few issues with the PCB Gmail account that I cannot pinpoint in time for the event.

Click here for the Google Docs version of the schedule.

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