Thank you.

While we gear up for a new experiment and experience in Podcamp East, we’re letting Podcamp Boston take a break and breathe a little.

We know you will miss this old standby Boston event.  We’re sure with all the wonderful events that happen in the area you’ll find great knowledge everywhere. If you’re looking for a great place to find some of them, check out Joselin Maine‘s Tweetup Boston which has a calendar of great events.  Follow some of the great Boston people like Steve Garfield and Jeff Cutler, both of whom mention a wide variety of events often.  You can also find knowledge happening at Social Media Club Boston, they also have a calendar for Boston events as well.

Podcamp East is a combination of efforts between Podcamp Boston, Podcamp Philly and Podcamp New Hampshire.  This year’s event is happening in Wilmington, Delaware.  Why? Because it has a growing state of entrepreneurs, not to mention some brilliant companies jumping on board to sponsor.  I know you’re probably surprised at the location.  I know that I was, but I’m positive now that it’s an event not to miss.

For more details and to register, visit

We’re happy to say that she will visit Boston at some point.  We’re also happy to note that Boston may come back next year, right now it’s too early to tell.

In closing, I want to say thank you.

Thank you to each and every attendee who makes Podcamp Boston what it is.  Whether you traveled here or come from somewhere in the city, we appreciate your time and effort making this event amazing and helpful to our community.

Thank you to our sponsors over the last 6 years.  Thank you for supporting what we do for our community, without you we wouldn’t have helped hundreds of people learn more about the world of podcasting and social. (If you’d like to sponsor Podcamp East you can get in touch with either myself or Whitney Hoffman at podcampeast [at] gmail [dot] com.)

Personally, thank you to the organizers.  All of you.  For lending a hand when I needed assistance and making things run smoothly each event.  I’m grateful for all of you.  Especially and always, Steve Sherlock.

And to leave you with some memories from PCB:

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