What is Podcamp?

Podcamp is an unconference where newbies and advanced content makers alike come to learn more about and share their knowledge of podcasting, blogging, video blogging, social media and more.

History of Podcamp

Podcamp Boston was co-founded by Christopher Penn and Chris Brogan in 2006.  These two guys wanted to learn more and share what they knew about podcasting without traveling over to the west coast to do it, so they came up with the idea to host an unconference in Boston, MA.  The first of many Podcamps around the world took place on  at Bunker Hill Community College.

Since, Podcamp Boston has been hosted at BCEC, Harvard Medical School Conference Center and University of Mass.  Each year PCB has been different sizes but always full of people ready to share their knowledge to those eager to learn more about this crazy space in podcasting and new media.

In 2009, Michelle Wolverton took over as lead organizer of PCB, continuing the traditions while introducing a new way of sharing/speaking and presenting via discussion sessions versus sessions by a speaker.

Organizers include:

  • Michelle Wolverton
  • Christopher Penn
  • Chris Brogan
  • Steve Sherlock
  • Doug Haslam
  • Whitney Hoffman

After the success of Podcamp Boston 4, year 5 looks to be enlightening and a fun ride.  To be hosted at the Microsoft New England Research and Development Center in Cambridge, MA; the theme of year 5 is Preparing for the Future. We hope you’ll join us in sharing your knowledge, teaching others and exploring what the podcasting and new media community has to offer.