Podcamp Boston 6 Schedule

We have a go on the schedule!  Curious what sessions are on the docket this year?  Want to attend but haven’t registered yet because you’re eager to see the content first?

There’s definitely some content for everyone.

The guide is yet to come, but it’s on it’s way as well.  I know people are eager for the schedule so we’re releasing that first.  Stay tuned for day of reminders, etc.

More importantly, I’ll post the link to download the file PDFs that you can print prior to the event to write your takeaways on or simply reference on your digital device.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at chel.pixie [at] gmail [dot] com as we seem to be having a few issues with the PCB Gmail account that I cannot pinpoint in time for the event.

Click here for the Google Docs version of the schedule.

Podcamp Boston 6 Schedule On the Way!

Just a quick update that we’re wrapping up the schedule now and should be publishing it in the next 2 days after we’ve finalized and sent it to the printers.  As such, speaking registration is now CLOSED.  If you want to lead a breakout session on either day, we will have two or three smaller rooms to accommodate these type of group conversations.  Don’t be shy, let us know about it and we’ll let others know about it!

Speakers: You should be receiving the schedule soon, please check the dates/times to see when you’re up to bat.

We will be having a PodCamp 101 discussion session on Sunday morning (tentative and subject to a time change) for those of you new to the world of podcasting, social media and more.  This will be another chance to ask more 101 / beginner type questions of attendees.  If you would like to contribute by sharing your knowledge with beginners, please let us know immediately!

Saturday Networking Event: After PCB6 ends on Saturday we will all be gathering in the Commons for a meetup.  Talk about what you’ve learned, ask questions, meet the people you didn’t get a chance to say hi to.  This is your chance.  We’re working on refreshment details.

PCB5 Schedule

Apologies to attendees but after some delay with sorting out the spaces available at the venue, the schedule is now finished!  If you’d like to download a copy now, minus the guide, you can find it here.

The guide will be released with full descriptions of sessions as soon as we get some final details in.

Speakers, please review your sessions, if you have any questions about your scheduled sessions, please let me know ASAP.


Agenda for Podcamp Boston 5

Everyone’s been wondering where the “agenda” for Podcamp is. We have people signing up their sessions but they haven’t been laid out into a schedule as of yet.

However, if you click the Agenda button in the navigation bar, you’ll be taken to a list of sessions currently submitted.

If you want to submit a session, you must be registered to attend the conference and make a submission after registration is complete.

What happens at Podcamp? Well….

Singing… (video by Joyce Bettencourt)

Some goofing off…

…oh, no wait, Justin was just being awkward for the very first Podcamp Boston, don’t mind him.

Really what happens is a lot of sharing knowledge and learning.  The majority of people who attend are new to the world of podcasting, social media and digital media creation.  Last year 75% of the people who attended Podcamp Boston 4 were new to the event.  They had questions ranging from the beginner level to the advanced.  The more advanced usually teach and share what they know and what can make it easier for others to refine their knowledge and move forward and it’s like that all weekend long.

There *are* parties but we keep them pretty low key.  Though this year’s is getting me pretty excited.  Yeah I’m still teasing, because we’re still hammering out the details.

The hotel contract is almost settled so I should be posting the URL specific for Podcamp Boston 5 for bookings in the next couple of days when the hotel gets the page set up.  I’m waiting to post the details in a separate post.

Most of all people have been asking about what sessions are going on.  If you want to know the details of sessions registered so far, click this shiny link.  If you want to register to present, click this shiny link instead.

Oh and we’re looking for sponsors!  If you’re company would like to help us sponsor the after party, please get in touch!

Do you have questions about what happens at Podcamp? Email us! Get in touch and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!  I very much hope to see you at Podcamp Boston 5 on September 25-26th, 2010 at the Microsoft N.E.R.D Center.  Year 5 is going to be a great celebration of how far things have come and we’d love to have you join us for the fun.

-Chel, Lead Organizer of PCBoston (#pcb5)

Session Registration

The session registration page is live!  Remember this year’s theme is Preparing for the Future.

If you’d like present or lead a discussion this year just sign up for PCB5 over on our Eventbrite page and then fill out the form.

If you have a suggestion for a topic you’d like to learn about this year, please let us know via this page or by the contact page as well!  We want to make sure we put on stuff that shares knowledge people are looking for.

We’d like to have a podcasting specific track this year so anyone that can talk about that subject on different levels please submit and share your knowledge, as usual you can submit any topic that’s related to social media and podcasting.  If you have a question, send it over via the contact form.

Once we start getting sessions listed, the spreadsheet will be published on the schedule page.  We will not have days and times for sessions for a while but as soon as we start laying it out I’ll post a heads up here.