Podcamp Boston 6 Schedule On the Way!

Just a quick update that we’re wrapping up the schedule now and should be publishing it in the next 2 days after we’ve finalized and sent it to the printers.  As such, speaking registration is now CLOSED.  If you want to lead a breakout session on either day, we will have two or three smaller rooms to accommodate these type of group conversations.  Don’t be shy, let us know about it and we’ll let others know about it!

Speakers: You should be receiving the schedule soon, please check the dates/times to see when you’re up to bat.

We will be having a PodCamp 101 discussion session on Sunday morning (tentative and subject to a time change) for those of you new to the world of podcasting, social media and more.  This will be another chance to ask more 101 / beginner type questions of attendees.  If you would like to contribute by sharing your knowledge with beginners, please let us know immediately!

Saturday Networking Event: After PCB6 ends on Saturday we will all be gathering in the Commons for a meetup.  Talk about what you’ve learned, ask questions, meet the people you didn’t get a chance to say hi to.  This is your chance.  We’re working on refreshment details.

PCB5 Schedule

Apologies to attendees but after some delay with sorting out the spaces available at the venue, the schedule is now finished!  If you’d like to download a copy now, minus the guide, you can find it here.

The guide will be released with full descriptions of sessions as soon as we get some final details in.

Speakers, please review your sessions, if you have any questions about your scheduled sessions, please let me know ASAP.


Start thinking about speaking/presenting!

We’re finalizing floor plans and layouts now for PodCamp Boston 2. We’re going to have 1 BIG room plus 6 breakout rooms, so there should be ample opportunities to speak and/or present. Now’s a great time to start thinking about presenting on your new media topic of choice. Some important points:

  • Unlike a traditional conference, you don’t need credentials to speak. Anyone who is so interested may speak.
  • Commercial pitches are discouraged. All PodCamps obey the Law of Two Feet. If you turn a speaking opportunity into an advertisement, PodCampers will simply walk out. That’s not to say you can’t mention who you are and what you do, but your presentation needs to provide value and a reason for people to pay attention and participate.
  • If you want to have a conversation on a topic, consider the format of a 5 minute introduction to the topic and then a roundtable/brainstorming session. For example, at PodCamp Europe, Kfir Pravda threw the question out – how do I get my mother to watch Internet TV? The resulting brainstorming session created a lot more value than the standard podium lecture.
  • Want to facilitate discussion? Consider recording the “speech” part of your session in advance and posting it on any number of video hosting sites. Let people know in the forum and on the schedule (when it opens up) that the lecture part is available in advance, and encourage people to watch it and bring questions/comments. Turn a standard speech into a real conversation.
  • Want to get ideas for speaking? Post your proposed session in the forums and gather feedback from people in advance!

We look forward to hearing what YOU have to say!