How do you feed 21,000 kids?

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a month since Podcamp Boston 5.  What a great year, filled with fun, networking, learning, sharing and growing for attendees.  Thank you.

Thank each of you that have attended in the last 5 years helping to make Podcamp Boston and Podcamps around the world a place where those new can learn about our crazy world of podcasting and new media.  Thank you for your time, resources and energy.

Our sponsors this year included each of you, Microsoft New England Research and Development Center, C.C. Chapman,  Blue Sky Factory, Batchblue, and Boloco Harvard.  We owe you a debt of gratitude for your faith in our conference and community to put your companies behind us both financially and branding.  Thank you.

The biggest accomplishment comes with helping others and toward that, each of you played a part in the major donation we were able to make to the Greater Boston Food Bank.  This year we’ve donated $7,000 to the Greater Boston Food Bank Kid’s Cafe.  This program serves over 1,700 kids for dinner 5 nights a week.

PodCamp Boston 5

We discovered that the limited seating this year made the event more intimate.  For the first time we had a fairly high attendance on Sunday, testifying to the fact that many people were finding what they needed to know.  Approximately 60% of the attendees were new to Podcamp, we hope that each you found the knowledge you were seeking and if not, please seek out people that you met over the weekend to continue conversations.

In order to facilitate that, several outposts have been created by some generous souls.  Joslin Mane over at Boston Tweetup curated all content tagged with #PCB5. Photos, blog posts, audio, video and more is easily searched.  James Jones of Media Connect has set up a wiki to compile information on all sessions at Podcamp Boston 5.  Ann Kingman has started a wiki to organize a Podcamp Boston for Kids.  If you know of a child that would be interested, please head over and pursue the event.

And last but certainly not least in any sense of the word, Paul Durham of Black Lab graciously agreed to fly to Boston, stay and play his first show in many years.  Thank you Paul for the entertainment this year.

Please take a moment to sign up for notification of next year’s event, we’ll be starting the planning early next year and will use the mailing list to reach those who are interested in attending.  The sign up form is in the sidebar to the right of this post.

You made the success of this event possible.  Thank you. Very very much.

Till next year, with gratitude,

Chel Wolverton and the Podcamp Boston 5 Organizing Team

PodCamp Boston 4 Schedule Posted!

The formal discussion schedule for PodCamp Boston 4 has been posted and can be viewed on our Schedule page. A few notes:

1. Don’t print it out just yet. It’s subject to change.

2. You’ll note there are 3 rooms and 1 space (possibly more) that are designated as open/unplanned. These are spaces that are lounges with comfortable seating designed for all the impromptu conversations, discussions, guitar performances, etc. that happen at PodCamps. We’ll have a wiki page up on the day of the event that will let you schedule these spaces freely, and they’re being left up to you entirely.

3. Did we mention it’s subject to change?

4. The most important part of PodCamp isn’t the schedule or planned discussions. These are at most a third of your PodCamp experience, if that. The real juice is in all the hallway conversations, all the side chats, impromptu activities, etc. that happen spontaneously. The planned discussions are there just to give you some starting points for discussions.

5. PodCamp obeys the Law of Two Feet: just because you sat down in a scheduled discussion doesn’t mean you have to stay there. You are expected- obligated, really, to get up and walk out if you’re not getting what you want out of the discussion. Go to another one. Go to an unplanned space. Get the most out of PodCamp by doing what you want to do, listening to the conversations you want to listen to.

Session registration is now closed!

Thanks to everyone who has submitted a session, the schedule is now full up and we’re working on getting it up for you to print/view/make your own list.  Those who have registered sessions but not yet registered at Eventbrite to attend the event have their sessions on hold and will be receiving notice of that via email.

We should have the final version posted this weekend.  Stay tuned.

Reminders! Hotel, registration and parking.

Here’s a few reminders and updates.

  • Hotel group rate closes on July 28th! The group rate is $119 a night at the Doubletree Bayside, only a 5 minute walk from the venue.  You can get the rate by visiting the hotel page for Podcamp Boston.
  • Registration with lunch included will close on Tuesday, July 28th in order for us to get accurate numbers to the catering department.  If you want lunch with your ticket, you must register before July 28th.
  • Registration to lead a discussion (not presenting but a conversation) is still open, if you’re interested helping to answer questions or have a question that’s burning to be answered, sign up to lead the discussion and get the answers.
  • Parking is available at the venue, the cost is $6 a day.  Not so bad and right next door to the building.  However, the red line stop at JFK/UMass has a shuttle bus that drives to the front door of the venue as well.  It’s the first stop.  (Don’t worry, we’ll mention this in the guide.)

We’re still looking for lunch sponsors. Even smaller sponsorships will help cover the costs, since the venue is isolated a bit it’s important that we manage to make this happen.  If you or your company is interested in sponsoring please check out the sponsors page let us know.

Podcamp Boston 4 Hotel Info

(Edited to add:  The deadline for booking rooms at this price is July 28th, 2009 and a limited number are available.)

The long awaited hotel details are ready for sharing.

Doubletree Bayside has offered us a group rate of $119 a night.  For it’s location is astounding.

This rate is only available if you book through our hotel page.

Questions?  Send us an email at events [at] podcampboston [dot] org.