Michelle Wolverton – Better known as Chel, she’s the Podcamp Boston Pixie a.k.a. Lead Organizer.  Every year she cracks the whip and makes things magically happen.  We hear that’s what pixies do.  In her downtime she’s an consultant, developer and productivity hacker.  You can find out more about Chel on her blog, or follow her on Twitter – @chelpixie

Photo by CC Chapman


Christopher Penn – One of the two co-founders of Podcamp, Chris spends time hurting people’s heads both with his marketing and social strategies and in the dojo and practitioner of martial arts.  Chris is the master behind our marketing strategies.  Being Director of Strategy in Marketing at an email marketing company, he’s got it covered!

You can read Chris on his blog – Awaken Your Superhero and on Twitter as @cspenn.



Chris Brogan – If you ask Chris and Chris what made them create Podcamp, the story starts with the meeting between Penn and Brogan at an event where Penn schooled Brogan on recording with a mic.  Since co-founding Podcamp, Chris Brogan has went on to do remarkable things in the world of community and social media. Chris’s blog, [], is in the Top 5 of the Advertising Age Power150. He has over 11 years experience in online community, social media, and related technologies.  He’s on Twitter (imagine that!) as @chrisbrogan.

Photo taken by C.C. Chapman

Steve Sherlock is otherwise known at Podcamp Boston as the man in the hat.  Steve owns organization and events.  He’s the friendly face you see at the registration desk but he also keeps Chel sane during the event (which is saying something).  Without Steve’s reliability Podcamp Boston would be a mess.  Please say hi and thank you to him for all of his hard work when you arrive at Podcamp Boston this year!  Steve writes on his blog at Steve’s 2 Cents and is on Twitter as @shersteve.


Doug Haslam

Doug Haslam – Doug is our man on the ground.  He’s always willing to jump in exactly where he’s needed and keep things rolling.  While he rolls at Podcamp Boston as an organizer, each year he also participates in the Pan Mass Challenge.  Raising money and training year long to fight against cancer.  Professionally, Doug is a communications guy who speaks his mind on his blog and makes it entertaining to read too. ;)  You can find him at and on Twitter as @dough.


Ellen Rossano – Bio and photo coming soon!

PS – Do you need headshots?  Come to PCB and talk with C.C. Chapman.  Man OWNS headshots.

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