Podcamp Boston 6 is in the works

Podcamp Boston 6 will be held at the Microsoft N.E.R.D. Center in Cambridge, MA on September 24-25, 2011. The registration and speaker form are coming soon but for now save the date!

The theme

Instead of just inspiration and fluffy bits of unordered advice, what if you created a notebook from PodCamp Boston 6 as an actual guidebook of sorts, a reference guide and practice manual?

That’s the theme for this year’s Podcamp Boston. The ultimate takeaway for those old and new to the fun and learning of Podcamp. During the weekend you will be creating a guidebook that will help you create a blog, podcast, learn to use social media and of all the things you learn for fun, for yourself or for your business. With a wealth of information at your fingertips, you’ll carry the learning experience well beyond this weekend and into the days and months to come.

Participants of PodCamp can attend, learn, see the material in action, try it out, and walk home with a note. You come, you learn and practice some techniques, you get some notes. Maybe you don’t master it this weekend, but you have a solid place to start, something you can practice, take home, and work out. While you have started to build a network of people whom you can go to for answers when the weekend ends.

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you’d like to sponsor Podcamp Boston 6, contact Chel regarding our sponsorship opportunities, which range from $250-$10,000.


Do you want to help with the organization of this year’s Podcamp Boston?  Just send us an email or use this form.

We hope to see you at PCB6!

Hotels, speaker form, and actual registration will be announced here so be sure to subscribe to our feed!

How do you feed 21,000 kids?

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a month since Podcamp Boston 5.  What a great year, filled with fun, networking, learning, sharing and growing for attendees.  Thank you.

Thank each of you that have attended in the last 5 years helping to make Podcamp Boston and Podcamps around the world a place where those new can learn about our crazy world of podcasting and new media.  Thank you for your time, resources and energy.

Our sponsors this year included each of you, Microsoft New England Research and Development Center, C.C. Chapman,  Blue Sky Factory, Batchblue, and Boloco Harvard.  We owe you a debt of gratitude for your faith in our conference and community to put your companies behind us both financially and branding.  Thank you.

The biggest accomplishment comes with helping others and toward that, each of you played a part in the major donation we were able to make to the Greater Boston Food Bank.  This year we’ve donated $7,000 to the Greater Boston Food Bank Kid’s Cafe.  This program serves over 1,700 kids for dinner 5 nights a week.

PodCamp Boston 5

We discovered that the limited seating this year made the event more intimate.  For the first time we had a fairly high attendance on Sunday, testifying to the fact that many people were finding what they needed to know.  Approximately 60% of the attendees were new to Podcamp, we hope that each you found the knowledge you were seeking and if not, please seek out people that you met over the weekend to continue conversations.

In order to facilitate that, several outposts have been created by some generous souls.  Joslin Mane over at Boston Tweetup curated all content tagged with #PCB5. Photos, blog posts, audio, video and more is easily searched.  James Jones of Media Connect has set up a wiki to compile information on all sessions at Podcamp Boston 5.  Ann Kingman has started a wiki to organize a Podcamp Boston for Kids.  If you know of a child that would be interested, please head over and pursue the event.

And last but certainly not least in any sense of the word, Paul Durham of Black Lab graciously agreed to fly to Boston, stay and play his first show in many years.  Thank you Paul for the entertainment this year.

Please take a moment to sign up for notification of next year’s event, we’ll be starting the planning early next year and will use the mailing list to reach those who are interested in attending.  The sign up form is in the sidebar to the right of this post.

You made the success of this event possible.  Thank you. Very very much.

Till next year, with gratitude,

Chel Wolverton and the Podcamp Boston 5 Organizing Team

“Day of” Questions

If you have questions today or tomorrow regarding anything #PCB5 related there are a few ways to get in touch.

Speak to an organizer.  The registration desk is always a safe bet.

Ping us on Twitter.  @podcampboston The most recent updates will be here on the fly, including announcements.

Email us using this handy form.  (Yes, someone answers.)

If nothing else, @chelpixie (me) on Twitter.

Ready to learn, share and grow?  See you there!


We’d like to take a moment to thank our sponsors for Podcamp Boston 5!

You – Each and everyone one of you, who registered to attend, have put your support behind this event. Thank you so much for seeing the value of the knowledge gained and shared during Podcamp.

Microsoft New England Research and Development Center - They’ve donated their shiny, sweet facility in order to host Podcamp this year. We’re feeling very grateful and pretty lucky. Check out other events that are coming up at NERD!

Blue Sky Factory – A returning sponsor who pitches in yearly and sends our emails to you flawlessly. We couldn’t do this without email!

Batchblue – The blue people have given us an early morning advantage this year, lots and lots of coffee. If you grab a cup, find a blue person and say thanks. They’re keeping you fueled!

Boloco – Sponsor of chips and drinks, PCB is providing lunch through them at a discount as well.  Thank you for keeping us fed!

C.C. Chapman – C.C. has been sponsoring Podcamps every year since the very first one. We’re so grateful for his support. This will be the first year we don’t have him at Podcamp Boston too! We’re very sorry he can’t be there, but send him a tweet and thank him for his support @cc_chapman.

PCB5 Schedule

Apologies to attendees but after some delay with sorting out the spaces available at the venue, the schedule is now finished!  If you’d like to download a copy now, minus the guide, you can find it here.

The guide will be released with full descriptions of sessions as soon as we get some final details in.

Speakers, please review your sessions, if you have any questions about your scheduled sessions, please let me know ASAP.


Podcamp Boston 5 after party featuring Paul Durham from Black Lab

After months of holding the news back, it’s my pleasure to announce that the Podcamp Boston 5 afterparty will feature Paul Durham from Black Lab for a live acoustic set.  In 2005, Black Lab was the band featured in Bum Rush the Charts, an effort made to make an independent artist #1 on iTunes.  The party will take place Saturday night from 6-9 pm at the Revolution Rock Bar.

If you are registered to attend PCB5, your ticket is included in the cost of attending the conference.  At a later date, we will be releasing some tickets for those who cannot attend the conference but would like to drop by for the afterparty and networking.  Look for an update here or on Twitter @podcampboston!

Questions?  Hit us up at podcampboston [at] gmail [dot] com

Directions/map to Revolution Rock Bar

Agenda for Podcamp Boston 5

Everyone’s been wondering where the “agenda” for Podcamp is. We have people signing up their sessions but they haven’t been laid out into a schedule as of yet.

However, if you click the Agenda button in the navigation bar, you’ll be taken to a list of sessions currently submitted.

If you want to submit a session, you must be registered to attend the conference and make a submission after registration is complete.

Podcamp Boston 5 Hotel Details

The official hotel for Podcamp Boston 5 is the Royal Sonesta which is a short walk away from the Mircosoft N.E.R.D. Center.

We have a group rate of $189 per night.  To reserve your room with the group rate, go to the official hotel/PCB5 event page.  We only have a block of 10 rooms for each night so make your reservations early.

If you have questions, please let us know ASAP.

Here’s a map with walking directions to help you find your way.

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